Find a Mandarin immersion program within a few miles from your home! If you are a representative of a school and would like to add your mandarin immersion program to the directory please get in touch with us!

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  1. Wonerful

    Hi, I’m looking for all the private schools with mandarin teaching in the USA.

    Thanks! I’d like to be a Chinese teacher.

    • admin

      Hi Wonerful,

      Awesome, I’ll look into creating a filter for that.


  2. John Hilton III

    Great work. Thanks for making this available.

  3. Andreas

    As an idea for students who would like to do a full immersion program (no English at all – Mandarin only) or spend one or two semesters studying at a highschool in China, maybe this is interesting:

  4. Chihying Wang

    I’m a parent trying to raise our ABCs bilingual, and have been looking into immersion programs in the SF East Bay. While there are no programs currently close enough for it to be practical and realistic for our kids to attend, I’m glad you put this website in place so that my future searches will be so much easier. Thank you for doing this!

  5. Ken

    Looks awesome, thanks for the note on our site — I’ll try to post about this site when I have time.


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